This week’s reads: June 1, 2016

What’s been worth a read? Keeping a weekly list to share; please add your best reads in a link and/or comments:

Moving forward on basic income, Elizabeth Rhodes, Matt Krisiloff, and Sam Altman,  YCombinator. Can basic income work in the US? These folks want to test in my town, Oakland, CA.

“We want to run a large, long-term study to answer a few key questions: how people’s happiness, well-being, and financial health are affected by basic income, as well as how people might spend their time. …But before we do that, we’re going to start with a short-term pilot in Oakland.”

Goodbye to Avion: 7 Reasons I am leaving, by Deldelp Medina.

Knowing when to move on, and what you can learn from what you’ve done have been so valuable in my own experience; I feel like I also learned from reading this unstinting and insightful essay by Deldelp Medina, a woman entrepreneur I admire. These 7 lessons are all true and important.

“We are very close to the tipping point of effecting change so that anyone can get chance to live their startup dreams. The reality is that the demographic change will make it possible to make permanent change. On top of that, all of us need to create solutions to our collective problems for the US to have a thriving economy.”

Uber rebuffs call to release diversity numbers. Uber says they are “committed to recruiting, hiring, and sustaining a diverse employee population,” but Rev. Jesse Jackson is pushing for data.


Hack Reactor: Looking under the hood of our student outcome metrics

Hack Reactor says “While the official job search period is six months, 94% of our job-seekers receive an offer within three. Internships count as a success (provided they meet certain specifications), but these are rarely an issue in practice: 99.18% of our hired graduates take full-time work.”

Wondering if this is true for all grads, who drops out and how they would squew the data, and what the persistence in jobs is for the women, candidates over 50,and people of color in these cohorts.


Course Report: 2015 coding boot camp survey

Hack Reactor: Student outcomes survey and methodology

Introducing the New Standard in Coding Bootcamp Outcomes Methodology