10 personal goals for 2018

Resolutions or goals? Here’s my personal list for 2018:

  1. Do it now: Admit the present is all that matters, with everything — intentions need to be made real in real time, not someday.
    2. See friends in real life: Make time for friends in real life every week; social media and virtual isn’t enough.
    3. Be stronger in my body: It’s Pilates, weight-lifting, walking, hiking, stretching. dancing and everything else, at least 4 hours a week, with intense HIIT for a cardio kick ideally 2–3 times a week.
    4. Figure out healthy eating out: Paleo, vegan, keto, Whole30 — Develop an eating plan that helps me lose 30–40 pounds over the next year and that I can sustain beyond that.
    5. Lose 30 pounds and/or reduce the percentage of fat in my body by 20% or better.
    6. Reduce inflammation and grow my gut microbes: After reading about the gut biome and a wide range of probiotics, I want to better apply these principles to my own health habits.
    7. Write more: Writing is a muscle — I want to return to blogging and writing as a way to express my thoughts.
    8. Love better: How can I be the best parent, partner, colleague, sister, friend?
    9. Start to better plan the next 20 years: What is my legacy? How do I make the most of my skills and experience over time?
    10. Be a mentor and a leader: Share knowledge, fight for equity, listen and learn.