Blogrunner: The Annotated NY Times

A company called Blogrunner has created an annotated NY Times that shows the link citations for every article in the paper (or so it seems.)
The site is very cool, but I couldn’t help noticing the careful balance they strike between lifting out articles (they only print the digests) and enhancing the Time’s content with digests from bloggers’ feeds.–In other words, The Annotated NY Times is potentially a great test case–assuming the site starts running ads–to see how Big Media and bloggers feel about a packager making money off their work.

Steve Rubel)
Update: Gabe at memorandum sez:
BTW#1, did you notice: they lift full entries from blogs, but only excerpts from the NYT. (Excerpt size inversely related to legal team size! :D )
BTW#2, Jason Calacanis (of course!) has voice concerns…back in 2003: