Star Jones is the new AOL Love Coach

Am I the only person whose reaction to the news that Star Jones Reynolds was to be the new Love coach was laughter?
Says Star: “As the new AOL Love Coach, I plan to provide women with advice, both entertaining and informative, that aims to answer the question, ‘Is Your Life As Good As It Gets? All women want to move their love-life from boring to brilliant and from sorry to Shining. How do I know what works…because baby, I’ve been there…done that and bought a tee shirt! Trust me, finding real love is not a destination; it is a journey.”
Susan sez: Yeah, I’d like to buy the tee shirt, too–only not from you, my friend…is it possible to react to this announcement (and this woeful quote) with anything but eye-rolling and fugly snark?
Update: Star’s part of a bevvy of AOL coaches–a nice idea–but she seems like an, uh, interesting choice.

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  1. Viviane says:

    Oh frabjous joy. I must link to this.

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