April 23:From My Space to Hip Hop: New Media In the Everyday Lives of Youth

On April 23, the MacArthur Foundation and Common Sense Media are
hosting a free public forum at Stanford University on “how digital
technologies and new media are changing the way that young people
learn, play, socialize and participate in civic life.”  Julia Stasch,
the Vice President of the foundation, will talk about  MacArthur’s
$50 million digital media and learning initiative; danah boyd and Mimi Ito are among the funding recipients who will present research.

Teen Socialization Practices in Networked Publics
danah boyd, University of California Berkeley
Drawing from interviews of teens across the U.S., boyd will explain
how social network sites such as MySpace and Facebook have become an
integral part of how youth relate to one another and develop their
social identities.

Understanding New Media in the Home
Heather Horst, University of California Berkeley
Looking across a range of case studies, Horst will examine how
families of varying backgrounds negotiate the changes and challenges of
incorporating new media into everyday family life.

Hip Hop Music and Meaning in the Digital Age
Dilan Mahendran, University of California Berkeley
Based on his study of youth hip hop production in the Bay Area,
Mahendran will describe how young people learn, mobilize, and develop
meaning through collaborative digital media production.

New Media from a Youth Perspective
Mimi Ito, University of Southern California and Principle Investigator of the Kids’ Informal Learning with Digital Media project
Ito will conclude the research presentations with an overview of
project cases studies, ending with a discussion of what parents,
educators, and technology developers can learn from youth engagement
with new media.

I am super excited about this…and have one extra ticket…email if you want to go–and if I know you, please.