• Remembering Steve Buttry, RIP

    I’d been waiting for this for a week or more, ever since I saw Steve had stopped posting on social media and was in hospice care after a long and hard-fought illness.  Steve was a colleague, more than a friend, and someone, honestly, I’d had conflict with at one point,( for reasons that make no… Continue Reading

  • My first 100 days

    Since the news that Donald Trump has been elected the 54th President of the United States, I’ve been moving between anger, denial and resistance. It seems hard to believe that 54% of the women in the US—mostly college-educated, white women, to be specific—chose to vote for a man who is inexperienced in government, uneducated, a… Continue Reading

  • 2016: The health and fitness version

    When it comes to fitness and health, I have to live with the fact I am much more in the slow and steady time-frame than the make big changes happen quickly camp. In 18 months of effort, I’ve probably failed to meet 50% of my health and fitness goals—I am not down 60 lbs, I… Continue Reading

  • 2014 review and 2015 resolutions for Susan

    2014 turned out to be a beautiful raging comet of a dreams come true, new dreams come to life, and some pretty damn good realities. So many positive things happened, it seems like a miracle, really. The year started off with a three-week sabbatical in Spain with my son and his fiancee. We had a… Continue Reading

  • Getting into Tabata

    About a month ago, I tried a workout called Tabata that totally kicked my ass. It was intense and challenging and I loved it–but the sessions at the YMCA were at 6 am.  I get up early, but that was too early, so more tabata class did not happen. Here’s a basic explanation of tabata:… Continue Reading

  • Remembering Kevin Weston

    It was 2003 and I’d moved back to the Bay after being laid off from a giant dot.com and deciding I just couldn’t work in that system anymore. Instead, I was a bicoastal tech consultant, explaining blogging, RSS feeds, content management systems, semantic data, tagging and all the social media I was fascinated by to… Continue Reading