• What I learned in Spain: One month later

    I’ve been back from 3 weeks in Spain for  6 weeks. On the trip, I promised myself I’d take more time for me, more working out and walking, more friend time, and more relaxing.  6 weeks later, how am I doing? More working out: A+ I came home, got a trainer on February 6th, and… Continue Reading

  • The narratives of losing ALOT of weight

    There’s that moment after you turn 45, or 50, or 55 when–for many of us–you stop and say, “Wow, I’ve gained some weight.” Maybe you need to lose 30 pounds or 50 or 100-and you know it, but you really don’t do what it takes.  I’ve been in that category for at least 5 years,… Continue Reading

  • Phishing by phone: 800 830 8574

    Got a call on my phone from an 800 number saying that there had been possible fradulent activity on my card (they did not specify which one) and they wanted to validate recent purchases. Given that the caller was automated and did not specify which company they were from, I was suspicious.  I was even… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo: Who could replace Jerry Yang?

    Kara Swisher’s got a good piece on possible Yahoo! CEO replacements, with usual suspects Sue Deck, Meg Whitman, Dan Rosensweig trotted out. She also suggests Mac Andressen (interesting) and Mark Cuban (interesting as well.) Let me add a couple more prospects I think would be strong candidates:Michael Wolf , ex MTV president. Wolf is smart,… Continue Reading

  • Start-Up Stories: It’s the journey back

    I’ve been at TechStars for about 36 hours; the program started Tuesday night and it’s Thursday morning now. My hopes when I accepted the spot we were fortunate enough to be offered was that this would be both an accelerator for building our company and launching our idea, and a good school to learn about… Continue Reading