• My cooking history (in blog posts)

    I started blogging in 20o3 and fell hard for it. Writing about social media, RS feeds, search, structured data and the user behavior was my thing, and it seemed not that many women were in the field in those days. Partly to prove a point, and partly because I am (and have always been, a… Continue Reading

  • RIP David Bowie

    Woke up this morning and cried on learning the amazing David Bowie has died of cancer at age 69.  For me, Bowie was one of the artists who was never afraid at a time when I was very afraid, in so many ways: of being queer, of being different, of being someone my family of… Continue Reading

  • Looking back at 2015

    What an amazing year it’s been! So many positive things to note, in no particular order: My son married an wonderful woman and now I have a daughter and a son; Hack the Hood served 8X more youth than in 2013, and will expand into 5-7 other cities beyond Oakland ; We’ve learned so much… Continue Reading

  • What I learned in Spain: One month later

    I’ve been back from 3 weeks in Spain for  6 weeks. On the trip, I promised myself I’d take more time for me, more working out and walking, more friend time, and more relaxing.  6 weeks later, how am I doing? More working out: A+ I came home, got a trainer on February 6th, and… Continue Reading