RIP David Bowie

Woke up this morning and cried on learning the amazing David Bowie has died of cancer at age 69.  For me, Bowie was one of the artists who was never afraid at a time when I was very afraid, in so many ways: of being queer, of being different, of being someone my family of origin (read: conservative parents), didn’t want or expect.

Bowie’s outrageousness and courage showed me that people could be so much more out there than I dared to ever be and they’d be fine–in fact, they could thrive–as Bowie so obviously did.

As an artist, Bowie was also a major inspiration and talent I loved. So many songs, so much vision, so much theater–from my early 20’s till now, Bowie was always someone I turned to, respected, and cared for.

And now–he’s gone.  This RIP is way too soon, and too fast.