• Quote of the Day

    “…Don’t get me wrong, the gender ratio is a hell of a lot better now than it was when I took my first tech-related job back in the early 90s, but to say that things are balanced … well … it’s just not true.  My dear friend Christine Herron, an accomplished business woman turned VC,… Continue Reading

  • Let there be a new girls network

    I’m enjoying both getting quoted by Sarah Lacy in  the Businessweek women in tech column she posted this week and reading the piece itself. Also digging Sarah’s post on her blog, which quotes a dude telling Julia Allison to lose weight (ROFL) and gets into some of the girl power vibe of younger women in… Continue Reading

  • Orli Yakuel: Celebrating women bloggers

    I’m always leary of everyone’s “Top” lists (tho of course I thrill to be included on them), but there’s a joy, range and sassiness in Orli’s latest list of 50 powerful women bloggers that makes me want to to share it,. (Okay, the list also makes me want to dance to it–she’s got 80s disco… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Women who are speaking, who are consumers who talk, sort of like journalists, sort of like authors; we are conscious, individually and, more and more, collectively, of our power to speak and be seen in the world of public discourse. We have jobs and we’re in public, we’re out of the domestic sphere, but our… Continue Reading

  • (BlogHer) Quote of the Day

    “Being a mom has forced me to become less self-centered and more aware of the small thing/big thing differences in life. Yes, I still have dreams that I’m being picked on by my seventh-grade classmates but when I wake up I’m able to laugh it off a bit better. Being at Blogher has made me… Continue Reading

  • Quoted and Noted

    “It’s easier for a female to start her own company than to move through the ranks of a big corporation. You don’t have to ask anyone’s permission in a start-up.” —Jessica Livingston, co-founder of early-stage start-up incubator, Y Combinator., quoted in a Mercury News story on how the number of women chief executives at Silicon… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “So now we have a company with a woman CEO and a woman CTO and a woman COO. And the work we do? The work we do together? It’s only incidental that it’s software. Because what it is — what it really is — is applause. It is praise, for all these glorious women. Because… Continue Reading

  • Quoted, not noted

    From around the twittersphere, blogosphere, etc  this weekend: Loren Feldman: “People like the puppet more than you because he is more real than you are. More honest than you are, smarter than you are. More human than you are. People want the Shel puppet to win. The same can’t be said for you my friend.”… Continue Reading

  • Melissa gets Quote of the Day–and then some

    “When I enter a room of suits (like the conference last week, which was called Supernova and was concerned with the business of the internet and which I was covering for Valleywag), it’s never the women who put me at instant ease. It’s the the other freaks: the femmey guys, the queers, the girl with… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “We found that 63% of women in science, engineering and technology have experienced sexual harassment. That’s a really high figure. They talk about demeaning and condescending attitudes, lots of off-color jokes, sexual innuendo, arrogance; colleagues, particularly in the tech culture, who genuinely think women don’t have what it takes — who see them as genetically… Continue Reading