(BlogHer) Quote of the Day

“Being a mom has forced me to become less self-centered and more aware
of the small thing/big thing differences in life. Yes, I still have
dreams that I’m being picked on by my seventh-grade classmates but when
I wake up I’m able to laugh it off a bit better. Being at Blogher has
made me more aware of this change…(snip)…. I
almost never approach anyone because I’m intimidated, but once we’re in
a conversation I’ll become quite extroverted. Since Penelope has been
born, a lot of this fear has disappeared, though I still find it
difficult at times to go up to a person and say hello.”

Six Apart co-founder Mena Trott, blogging about speaking at BlogHer this afternoon and her life today.

Susan sez: I like this post because it talks honestly about transformative experiences about becoming a parent, business and blogging, and letting go of ego.