• Quote of the Day

    “…And yes, I know, I’m a flash in the pan and I’m getting a big head and this will all be over tomorrow, but here’s the thing: it’s been going on for three years now. It slows down after each video (praise be to Allah), but it hasn’t really ever stopped. I’ve been busy the… Continue Reading

  • Orli Yakuel: Celebrating women bloggers

    I’m always leary of everyone’s “Top” lists (tho of course I thrill to be included on them), but there’s a joy, range and sassiness in Orli’s latest list of 50 powerful women bloggers that makes me want to to share it,. (Okay, the list also makes me want to dance to it–she’s got 80s disco… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Women who are speaking, who are consumers who talk, sort of like journalists, sort of like authors; we are conscious, individually and, more and more, collectively, of our power to speak and be seen in the world of public discourse. We have jobs and we’re in public, we’re out of the domestic sphere, but our… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Moment (and the Day)

    “I find the colloquialism “You must join the conversation” a tired phrase legacy of 2006. It’s overused, oversold, thrown around and just not accurate.” –Blogger Jeremiah Oywwang, Web Strategist, writing about how rankings, ratings, and even reading can be among the greatest behaviors within a community.

  • Congrats to Christine Herron

    Reading this this am just made me get that big smile–Christine is so smart, and so shrewed–and First Round is a great team–this is wonderful news–and smart hiring on Josh’s part, IMHO: ” Big personal announcement today! I’m officially joining First Round Capital. (Thanks very much to Josh for his warm welcome.) I’ll be working… Continue Reading

  • Quoted, not noted

    From around the twittersphere, blogosphere, etc  this weekend: Loren Feldman: “People like the puppet more than you because he is more real than you are. More honest than you are, smarter than you are. More human than you are. People want the Shel puppet to win. The same can’t be said for you my friend.”… Continue Reading