• Art of the Deal: Kick Ass Post on being an entrepreneur

    Patricia Handschiegel wrote a great post today about the emotional states entrepreneurs cycle through. Reading it, I saw myself working on People’s Software, and feel some of the same feelings working on the new thing we’re readying for 2009. Patricia’s identifies the following problem feelings as cycles entrepreneurs go through: 1. Feeling overwhelmed–that’s obvious, right?2.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Catering to the need for intellectual stimulation is a little nebulous, but obvious at the same time. Designing the APIs in a particularly elegant way will naturally help bring in the best and the brightest engineers; throwing together something that barely does the job will inevitably turn off the elite. One subtler example: creating “simple”… Continue Reading

  • We Haz Prototypes

    This weekend was all about product ideas, user values, specs, user flow, logic and building prototypes. That means we were able to walk into the office on Monday morning and show folks what we’d done and get feedback. Wow, did that feel good. We’ve got a ways to go, but I feel like we’re finally… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…all startups have a natural life. Some live forever and some are killed in their cribs.” –Boulder technocrat around town and VP of Biz Dev at Lijit Networks Micah Baldwin, writing the three big lessons for start up success. Susan sez: BTW, I am working my little tail off and posting like a bunny on… Continue Reading

  • Gluten Free Boulder, aka Two weeks in another town

    So it’s been two weeks in Boulder @techstars, and working with my co-founder Lisa Wiliams on Peoples Software. Twp weeks ago Friday, A & I were in a hotel in Sacramento, then in Salt Lake, and finally, here in Boulder. It’s been 10 days since the TechStars program started, and we’re running, hard. Some observations… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day (What is hyper-local?)

    “Here’s my own definition: It’s the things we wonder about as we walk (or drive) the streets of our community.  Today, for instance, I was thinking — •  What’s with that used-book store?  The sign in its window seems to say its business is failing. •  What’s the asking price for that house?  What does it look like inside?  Why are they selling,… Continue Reading

  • Sifry stuff: Offbeat Guides hits private beta

    So Dave Sifry announced the private beta of his new personalized and printed travel guide service, offbeat guides, last night. Back when I was still casting about for the next good thing, I spent some time with old friend Dave and heard about the ideas and the prototype.  I was excited then, and still am,… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “What we want to do in the venture capital business is take a lot of risk (which should be rewarded with a low entry valuation) and then actively mitigate the risk we took as much as we can (thereby reducing the risk for future investors and increasing the valuation). It’s the same thing that entrepreneurs… Continue Reading

  • So, what’s the gig?

    I’ve spent part of the morning–and will spend some more time–updating my lifestream data to reflect what I’m up to right now. So Louis Gray asked, what am I up to?  So, here’s where my attention is going to be these days: Co-founder, People’s Software CompanyPeople’s Software Company is creating a new community platform that… Continue Reading