We Haz Prototypes

This weekend was all about product ideas, user values, specs, user flow, logic and building prototypes. That means we were able to walk into the office on Monday morning and show folks what we’d done and get feedback. Wow, did that feel good.

We’ve got a ways to go, but I feel like we’re finally getting to one of the places we need to be at–having ideas ready to turn into code, commit and eventually go live, just so we can release, get people using it, learn from their feedback and then  do the whole thing all over again, hopefully many times.

Here is what I did this weekend:

  • Write product vision white papers
  • Write specs
  • Draw pictures on coffee-stained paper with a smudgy pen
  • Consume far too much coffee, diet coke ad white wine.
  • Eat at wierd hours, pretty reasonable stuff (‘cept for the trip to IHOP, Lisa’s favorite food spot (and they have free wireless, too!).
  • Talk to Lisa as she worked away

Here is what I did not do:

  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Go hiking
  • Obtain a bike and ride it around
  • Buy the BF a birthday present (I did look)

And here is what we got: Stuff to move forward with. Well worth the time.