Gluten Free Boulder, aka Two weeks in another town

So it’s been two weeks in Boulder @techstars, and working with my co-founder Lisa Wiliams on Peoples Software. Twp weeks ago Friday, A & I were in a hotel in Sacramento, then in Salt Lake, and finally, here in Boulder. It’s been 10 days since the TechStars program started, and we’re running, hard.

Some observations of place:

  • The Rockies are beautiful. You can see them from everywhere in Boulder. If I didn’t live in the Bay area, I’d think this was the most beautiful place I could ever be (but I am obsessed with California, even more.)
  • The body fat ratio is the lowest here, ever. The number of fit, trim, thin people who obviously spend portions of most days riding bikes up rocks, training for triathalons, or bounding to the tops of mountains to do stretches that put their legs over their heads is huge, higher than anywhere else I’ve lived.
  • Boulder’s nickname could be “Gluten Free.”  All the healthy, fit people are obsessed with diet, so vegan (that’s pronounced vey-gan) and gluten free foods are big here, both in grocery stores and restaurants/cafes.
  • Trustafrarians are the ultra-skinny vegans with the skateboards and the dreads, smoking 420 at the Maceo Parker concert. Some of them have some gorgeous steampunk clothes and piercings that make you stare (they make me stare).
  • It’s a dog town. Labs and Goldens are the frisbee/ball-throwing standard for pups, but Big Daddy Winston (my American Bulldog) gets lots of puppy love. If you have a big dog, this is paradise, pretty much.
  • Santa Cruz, CA should take a leaf from Boulder and replicate the moves that are turning this place into a super-desirable way station to incubate companies.Moving more and more high-tech into Boulder seems like a smart way both to boost the economy and attract a high number of “digital nomad” refugees, Bay area expats, and people who want to merge high tech development with keeping their body fat down (okay, with spending time outside in this glorious place.)

I wish I could tell you I’ve met alot of great people, and what the city is like, but truth is, I’ve been head down in a windowless room most of the time here, coming up for dog walks (the paths and trails are glorious and the mixed used spaces impressive), dinners, and some great bits of fun (Maceo Parker, hiking).