Quote of the Day

“Catering to the need for intellectual stimulation is a little
nebulous, but obvious at the same time. Designing the APIs in a
particularly elegant way will naturally help bring in the best and the
brightest engineers; throwing together something that barely does the
job will inevitably turn off the elite. One subtler example: creating
“simple” and “power developer” APIs will help the newcomer developers
get up to speed very quickly, but not rob the advanced ones of the full
power of the platform.

It’s worth pointing out that ultimately, until non-advertising
business models are devised for social applications (and probably even
after they are) valuable distribution (reach + frequency) is
going to be the main underlying goal for all developers, commercial and
otherwise. The examples above simply illustrate what the platform can
do to refine the definition of “valuable distribution” for the

–Max Levchin, Slide, writing about motivating developers in social media applications, aka “games.”