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“…Don’t get me wrong, the gender ratio is a hell of a lot better now
than it was when I took my first tech-related job back in the early
90s, but to say that things are balanced … well … it’s just not
true.  My dear friend Christine Herron, an accomplished business woman turned VC,
has for some years now made it a practice to count the number of women
in the room at any given event or conference. Based on her relatively
strong statistical analysis for an array of major technology industry
confabs, it would seem that we women have hovered at about an 11
percent participation at such gatherings for several years now.

I’ve heard word that investors are specifically seeking female
entrepreneurs yet of the hundreds they meet in any given year, only
about 2 percent are women.


Cathy Brooks, writing in the new feminist blog, BitchBuzz.

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  1. Roman T says:

    Success is gender neutral so get over it.

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