Ayelet Noff interview: Comments and reflections

I’ve gotten a number of informative emails from women bloggers and entrepreneurs in Israel who have point they want to make around the interview I did with Ayelet Noff last week. The red flag comment was–as I thought it  might be–was the following bit:

“Are there many women who do what you do?
No, not really.  For one
thing, in Israel, many people marry and have babies by the time they
are 25 or 26, so not everyone wants to be as entrepreneurial as me.
Also, not everyone has the perspective I have; I’m Israeli, but I’ve
lived around the world and am able to see different cultural and
international points of view, particularly the American market; that
and my fluency in English set me somewhat apart.”

Since Moveable Type seems to have a hard time letting people register to comment(yes, I am addressing that), I want to post some of the feedback here–if you have comments and you have trouble posting, please reach out and I will post here.

One of the Israeli women who reached to me–and there seem to be many who feel Ayelet’s point of view, while her own, didn’t reflect their perspectives on women and tech in Israel, was
Or-Tal Kiriati, of www.lemino.com, who said

Ayelet Noff is indeed a talented young women who managed to establish a
firm presence through her blog and brand. However, she is far from being unique
or alone in the female web (2.0, 1.0, 3.0) arena in Israel. Women in
Israel, who offer similar services to what Ayelet offers, actually present
a very attractive selling proposition to the international client. It’s a rare
combination of knowledge and awareness of languages and cultures, together with
hi-tech education and expertize, not to mention rich and diversified experience.
In fact, one of the largest chapters of the Digital Eve is the
Israeli one, with thousands of women in the hi-tech

Or-Tal’s perspective is welcomed, as is yours if you are a reader who wants to comment–