Kid shirks chores; mom finds porn cookies, sells XBox, is my hero

From a story about a 13 year old boy who tried to run a game on his mom:

“My 13 year old managed to break the vacuum….thinking it would release
him from that duty. He also has a list of other chores that were TYPED
up for him to do Friday afternoon….one thing on the list was
done…mind you these are simple things…empty the trash, clean your
room, etc. Then I go thru the cookies on his computer and find out he
has been checking out porn sites. Now there is a password so he can’t
even get on and his my-space page has a picture of snoopy on it now.
Apparently I’m the meanest mom in the world, were his words.”

As Gizmodo reports, this kid is hosed-, the Mom is selling his Xbox and games on eBay, and this lady is my absolute funniest new hero.