Meow, Ning!

Rafat Ali’s got an unusually animated post about Adam Penenberg’s big wet kiss (with Rolling Stone quality photos) to Ning, Gina Bianchi and Mark Andressen.

Rafat: “FastCompany has unloaded the biggest piece of Turducken shaped in the form of a cover story on Ning, in the latest issue. And for once, Valleywag is actually tame in its skewering of the story. In terms of hype, this is of BW-cover-story-on-Digg
proportions (hence the similar headline in my post). Keep in mind this
is a post about the lameness of FC’s story and the hype its journalist
spews in this story…Ning has all the right to hype itself however it

Valleywag’s Owen Thomas does an elegant pile-on: “According to figures in the piece, Ning is making roughly $1.7 million
a year in the $20-a-month subscriptions some social-network creators
pay. The rest of the money they make comes from Google’s AdSense ads,
the familiar fallback of hopeless startups.”

Marc Canter calls em out:”Wat can Ning do with $44M?  Now what can they do with another $60M? 
Well since they’re not profitable – lets see – they could lost $10M a
year for 10 years and still sell the company for $100M.”

Susan sez: Nothing like blue chip founders and fawning journalists to get hard-driving startupistas in a twist–but is Ning really a mass market tool?

Me do not think so, regardless of stats.