Quote of the Day

“If your idea for a web business is more along the lines of the mundane
“product * price = profit” (3P) variety, I think the culture of San
Francisco and that famous 20-mile radius around Stanford is anything
but helpful. I might even go as far as say it’s downright harmful.

flush availability of other people’s money is simply too tempting. When
you’re not spending your own money, it’s easy to splash on a big open
office on day one, a staff of 10+ in no time, and have few worries
about paying the bills on the 1st of the month. It takes away much of
the urgency to make money that I think is critical to build sustainable
businesses. It gives you too many resources to be satisfied building
simple tools for niche markets. Everything becomes about catching that
huge wave.”

–David, Signal vs, Noise, writing about start up stuff, like where to locate your endeavor