The fight for attention, or sharing traffic agreements, aka networks, can pay off for bloggers

Steve Hodson’s got a smart post up that presents the point of view that the Mashables, the TechCrunches, the RWWs, the GigaOms have become so big and so pervasive that individual tech bloggers have to either join the or fight for attention to be heard.

As someone who’s been blogging since 2003, mostly as a part-time thing, and not as a means to make $$ from writing (though it’s definitely helped my consulting), the concept that newer bloggers feel that they have to fight to have a voice seems interesting.  I’m not sure it’s true, but I know that there are people who believe it’s true, and their experience fighting to be heard is probably quite different than mine,

One thing I’ve started to see and wondered about are the people who seem to make informal agreements to promote one another, to informally create networks if you will. I don’t know that I had ever heard of Corvida/She Geeks until Louis Gray started linking to her relentlessly, along with Steve Hodson and SarahinTampa and ParisLemon /MGSigler  (A quick look at Technorati links suggests that these folks are linking to one another at least 50% more than anyone else is linking to them.)

Interestingly, it turns out that all of these folks are part of a new blogging network called Grand Effect that aims to share ads and boost traffic.And clearly, though they don’t seem to have sold any ads yet, the network effect works.  Coming off a week in Israel on the bus with Scoble, Craig Newmark and Sarah Lacy, it’s interesting to see folks joining forces–while Scoble’s certainly done his share of linking to the uncles, these other folks are more independent sorts; Sit would be fun to hear what Sarah, who’s also a journalist, thinks about the fight to be heard .

So, the “real questions” are:
1. Do you have to form alliances to get traffic, beyond what the big sites throw out?
2. Whose rise in the states supports this idea–and whose doesn’t?
3. Does it matter, aka, does this kind of recirculation push yet other voices down (and isn’t that the law of continuous revolution, anyway?)

I’d really like to hear what you think..either in the comments or on your own site. (And let me just add these people I am talking about are voices I value, so this ain’t throwing down no glove.)