• Remembering Steve Buttry, RIP

    I’d been waiting for this for a week or more, ever since I saw Steve had stopped posting on social media and was in hospice care after a long and hard-fought illness.  Steve was a colleague, more than a friend, and someone, honestly, I’d had conflict with at one point,( for reasons that make no… Continue Reading

  • Consulting again: Lessons I am learning

    So I am back actively consulting again. My plate is pretty full right now, and, to my delight, I am really enjoying working with my clients. Both are fairly substantial projects, and I am at the start of one, and about a third of the way through the other. Up until a month ago, my… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “On Saturday, Mr. Stelter’s wonderful article in The New York Times on how people were working around the blackout on the Olympic ceremony began as a post on Twitter seeking consumer experiences, then jumped onto his blog, TV Decoder, caught the attention of editors who wanted it expanded for the newspaper and ended up on… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Moment (and the Day)

    “I find the colloquialism “You must join the conversation” a tired phrase legacy of 2006. It’s overused, oversold, thrown around and just not accurate.” –Blogger Jeremiah Oywwang, Web Strategist, writing about how rankings, ratings, and even reading can be among the greatest behaviors within a community.

  • Fred Wilson is right

    Fred sez: “Social media is no different from all media. The number of people who at one point were interested in your content or service is not that meaningful. What matters is the number of people who engage with your content or service on a daily basis and how engaged they are. And RSS subscribers,… Continue Reading

  • Noted (and transitions)

    Jeremy Zawodny leaving Yahoo: Just saw that my friend Jeremy Z is leaving Yahoo for a compelling opportunity with another company; I am excited for him, and wish him all the best. San Jose Mercury News: Knight Foundation is awarding  aq set of organization in San Jose $1.5 million dollars to “help the community find… Continue Reading