Quote of the Day

“On Saturday, Mr. Stelter’s wonderful article in The New York Times
on how people were working around the blackout on the Olympic ceremony
began as a post on Twitter seeking consumer experiences, then jumped
onto his blog, TV Decoder, caught the attention of editors who wanted
it expanded for the newspaper and ended up on Page One, jammed with
insight and with plenty of examples from real human experience.

much more powerful is that networked intelligence than a reporter with
a phone, a Rolodex and the space between his or her ears?”

–David Carr, writing in the NYTimes on news as a viral and networked process, with the open ceremonies of the Olympics as his example.

Susan sez: This is a good article, because it reflects the crowd-sourcing that makes social networks and the Net so useful to so many people and attaches it to the venerable traditions of news-gathering in a way print people (are there any left?) can relate to.