Consulting again: Lessons I am learning

So I am back actively consulting again.

My plate is pretty full right now, and, to my delight, I am really enjoying working with my clients. Both are fairly substantial projects, and I am at the start of one, and about a third of the way through the other. Up until a month ago, my focus was to consult half-time so I could work on my startup, but because of my work with The Knight News Challenge, that wasn’t really happening (I was way too busy). Then two amazing projects both came through, with some other interesting possibilities down the road, and I decided to dial down my startup plans for the moment and work on these two other projects.

In the process, I am learning some interesting things about myself:

  • I am extremely team oriented (I know, you knew that about me, why didn’t I see it)? Who I work with and working with more than one person is extremely emergizing to me. I enjoy group dynamics, like helping to balance people and find the brainstorning, sense of purpose, and momentum of a team refreshing (makes me able to do more).
  • Rethinking something that exists into a newer and more efficient version of itself is a very different task than getting something that doesn’t exist al all off the ground. Not better, or easier, just different muscles.
  • Consulting today–just like it did when I had 5ive back in 2004 ish-has a wonderful Kung Fu  David Carradine quality cowboy in that I don’t feel possessive of my knowledge and enjoy empowering those who pay me (and whose work I accept).
  • The aspect of consulting that involves sharing knowledge and helping others–which is especially true in small and mid sized orgs that can’t afford to commission expensive studies they then don’t execute–makes the work more fun, and I enjoy that.
  • I am trusting the universe a little more.  That sense of terror–If I don’t do X right now, the world will collapse and thing won’t happen!-has abated. It doesn’t seem true for most of what I want to do.

Side note: I am also enjoying working for free, so to speak. The development of the Public Media Collaborative, and the direction it is taking, is exciting. It seems there is a lot of work to be done, and many groups we can collaborate with to make the work happen.