Managing the mania for completion, aka, always so much to learn

So, now that I am starting a company(more specifics on that later, and with a great partner), I’ve got an amazing number of things to balance. There’s the ideas, the plans, the people to work with, the timetables, the costs. And then, on the other side, there’s the budget, the funding, the roadmap..all those things that take resources and dollars.

In my usual fashion, one of my ways to learn is to talk with people about their experiences starting companies (thanks, you know who you are), what they learned, what they wouldn’t do again. And then there’s my time honored exercise in reading as a means to knowledge. I’ve been rooting around, looking at entrepreneur’s blogs, founder’s blogs, VC’s blogs, and all sorts of other resources.

And here’s what I learned: There’s a hellofva lot I am going to know six months from now, I don’t know today. But if I don’t find a way to manage the info flow, I am going to a) drown and b) interrupt all the stuff I really have to do to get our idea going.

How do you balance getting critical things done/momenteum with absorbing information? What’s your style? Comments here, or elsewhere, welcomed.