Paul Graham Start Up Tips

For many people, Paul Graham is an essential touch point in building a new company. His perspectives have the ring of experience–and a lot of wisdom, so I’m compiling my own list of nuggets to absorb–here’s a batch of good points from the most recent post (worth a whole read).

  • Release early: Users hate
    bugs, but they don’t seem to mind a minimal version 1, if there’s
    more coming soon.”
  • Release often: Force yourself, as a sort of intellectual
    exercise, to keep thinking of improvements.”
  • Value the users: The vast majority of people who visit your
    site will be casual visitors.”
  • Be afraid: You should compete against what someone else could be
    doing, not just what you can see people doing.”
  • Determination is everything. The only way to convince everyone that you’re
    ready to fight to the death is actually to be ready to.”
  • Manage your optimism: Shielding your optimism is nowhere more important than with deals.
    If your startup is doing a deal, just assume it’s not going to

And the money quote: “
Economically, a startup is best seen not as a way to get
rich, but as a way to work faster. You have to make a living, and
a startup is a way to get that done quickly, instead of letting it
drag on through your whole life.”