Heading back to Boulder, reflections on past 2 weeks

So, this is the last night in Michigan, heading back to Boulder tomorrow.  It’s been a interesting two  weeks–I spent more than hald of it working, mostly from a little cafe and on stolen, faint wi-fi on the porch of the cottage, the rest of the time trying to have the vacation we had so long planned.

Thanks go to the team at PSCO for their support through all this–and the work they’ve done so well–as well as to A, who was supportive of turning time off into remote work. In many ways, choosing to work remotely during a summer program this intense seemed like madness. On the other hand, as someone whose been around dot com frenzy a number of times, I knew this stint of time would not be a make or break for our success if we all agreed to it and handled it well.

Or, to be more blunt, what I really mean is:

  • In some ways it was audacious to leave the team at this moment.
  • But not going away would have meant canceling the whole trip.
  •  I’ve made those kinds of personal sacrifices before and they helped scuttle an important relationship..and turned out not to be as make or break as I’d thought.
  • So this time I wanted to balance the work commitment and the family commitment
  • And I think I did.

So now I’ve had this great trip, I’ve observed a few things:

  • I am both compulsively connected to the net and an obsessive worker
  • I have to have vacations where I balance work and fun or there are no vacations (this may be sad but true right now)
  • Technology makes it easy to be this way now, hallelujah!

Lots more posting to come as I get back to a decent net connection.

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  1. maymay says:

    Balance is important, but hard to achieve. You seem to know this now, but maybe you’ll find this post by Penelope Trunk interesting, and relevant.

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