Quote of the Day (What is hyper-local?)

“Here’s my own definition: It’s the things we wonder about as we walk
(or drive) the streets of our community.  Today, for instance, I was
thinking —

•  What’s with that used-book store?  The sign in its window seems to say its business is failing.

•  What’s the asking price for that house?  What does it look like inside?  Why are they selling, anyway? 

•  Have any of my friends been to that new restaurant?  Could I take the kids?

You were thinking completely different things, I’m sure.  And that’s the point: Hyperlocal should be relevant to you.  It should be about your day-to-day concerns in your local community.  Those definitions are personal, so hyperlocal must be personal, too. “

Loladex founder Lawrence Hooper, discussing what problems hyper-local products should solve for communities.