Phishing by phone: 800 830 8574

Got a call on my phone from an 800 number saying that there had been possible fradulent activity on my card (they did not specify which one) and they wanted to validate recent purchases. Given that the caller was automated and did not specify which company they were from, I was suspicious.  I was even more suspicious when I called back from a friend’s phone and they wanted me to verify my phone number  before they would go further(!).

After I hung up, I called the companies whose credit services I used and checked: neither had called me. A little searching on the web suggested this number is used for phone phishing.

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  1. isa bella says:

    909-842-8111 and 866-781-9652 look to be phishing numbers also. really suspicious! when you call the first one back they say you haave reached the number in error. the only people who can call is business something. If you want your number removed from list press 1. I pressed one and went over same info again. The second one is just busy fast beep.

  2. tudza says:

    Nope, this is a legitimate number. Apparently several banks and other payment processors like PayPal use this outside company to help track down fraud.
    I got such a call, called PayPal, and they fed me back this number.
    The problem here is that the company you know doesn’t make it easy to figure this out, like return an explanation on their website when you type in a search for the phone number for example. The problem is also that these guys don’t tell you who they are, they just ask you out of the blue for information.

  3. KJB says:

    I got the same anonymous message on my cell phone, called the number…the automated system verified the phone number I was calling from and I was asked to enter the last 4 digits of my card (the automated system did not mention the bank). I was then transferred to a live person, who asked me for my name. I told her I wanted to know exactly who was calling before I gave my name out, and she said that they were calling to verify charges to my debit/credit card and properly identified my bank. She verified with me the charges that I had made that day (all were valid). I can understand the bank wanting to check for fraud, since I was grocery and Christmas shopping all day and the activity on my accout was more than the normal (10 transactions).
    This is a valid number, but as with any unknown caller, always use caution and verify some information on their end before you divulge any of your personal information.

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