Dept of Susan: What the projects are

Here’s where my attention is going these days, with different proportions of attention to each at different times:

Co-founder, People’s Software.  We have a cool idea about a scheduling problem we want to solve and we’re working on getting our first app from alpha to beta, so we have enough features to get it out in the market and get feedback. It’s been slower than I wish, so this is both an exercise in patience and a chance to appreciate programmers.

Program Manager/Evangelist, Knight News Challenge: Want to win a chunk of $5MM for a project that has a specific geographic focus, promotes democratic community discourse and engagement, and is open source, can have an API or be scaled by others in some way? If yes, you should be checking out the Knight News Challenge, which I have the privilege of managing this year, along with a team of amazing people and some inspiring leadership from Gary and Alberto. This program is so innovative, and Knight has been so positive about trying new things, like the Garage, the mentoring program, and the social media marketing–it’s a pleasure. But applications close Nov, 1st, so get cracking.

Women entreprenurs/women leadership work: This is still something I am figuring out, but I want to spend more time in 2009 helping women become more successful as entrepreneurs and leaders. Women Who Tech is doing a teleseminar with me called :Owning Your Own Power” on Ocrober 11th; that’s based on a She’s Geeky workshop I did last year. People who want to collaborate in this area, love to hear more from you.

And of course, I am also blogging and writing for BlogHer, and doing some speaking.

The other big thing in my life is that I’ve moved to the East Bay and am looking for a long-term place to live; interested in co-housing, and/or creating a progressive community with a few adult housemates in North Oakland or Berkeley. I spent lots of years very engaged in my Park Slope and South Orange neighborhoods, want to have the feeling of local community again.