I just got back from the Knight Foundation Media
Learning Seminar 2012
and wanted to share some of the materials I provided for
the attendees.Here’s a list of useful llinks and white papers focused on civic engagement and future of news projects:

The Knight Foundation Community Information Tool Kit,

Released in April 2011, this tool kit helps leaders 
harness the power of information to advance their goals for a better community.
It offers a simple, easy-to-use set of tools to help take stock of your
community’s news and information resources, and take action to improve them.

(See a related video
discussion with Mayur Patel: http://vimeo.com/19721589

Getting Local: How Nonprofit News Ventures Seek


How are successful
non-profit newsrooms engaging audiences and diversifying revenue? The Knight
Foundation’s Mayur Patel, with Michele McLellan, studied eight well-funded
organizations and reports on the results in this fascinating survey.

From Idea to Implementation, Taking your project to
the next level,

This presentation by KCIC
Circuit Riders Susan Mernit, Michele McLellan and Lisa Williams offers
essential tips and resources for kicking off a successful project that are
useful to everyone who has to execute on an idea.

Thinking about site sustainabiity, talk by Ben
Wirz, The Knight Foundation


What are important
indicators for sustainability to think about in the early days of your project?
What lessons can Silicon Valley Startups teach us about building for success?
Wirz’ talk is loaded with useful ideas.

Web Development 101: Getting Your Site Right From the
Beginning, Lisa Williams

Preso: http://www.knightdigitalmediacenter.org/seminars/agenda/boot_camp_for_knight_community_information_challenge_projects1/

Video: http://www.knightdigitalmediacenter.org/seminars/video4-2/boot_camp_for_knight_community_information_challenge_projects1/

What do you need to know
about web developers BEFORE you start a new project? What do you need to know
about what you want? Circuit Rider Lisa William takes you through key questions
to ask.

Social Media for News Sites, Susan Mernit, Kwan Booth
& Amy Gahran


This on-line module focusing
on social media, civic engagement and tools for news provides an easy-to-read
window in some of the fine points of using social media tools and is part of
the Knight Citizen News Network from J-Lab at American University.