• Code for Oakland: “Most diverse hackathon ever”

    As one of the founders of Code for Oakland, and a member of the committee that planned the event that just happened on July 21st, seeing posts like this: “Code For Oakland: The Most Diverse Hackathon Ever” | Mitchell Kapor Foundation Weblog http://bit.ly/NmrfOi  make me happy beyond measure and this one: Code For Oakland: The… Continue Reading

  • New project: Soil remediation, Oakland backyard

    It looks like the soil in my yard may be toxic–or just industrial–enough that weeds don’t grow. It’s so dusty and filled with little rocks and glass.  I’m thinking about experimenting with soil remediation techniques to improve it and make it less toxic before I plan and landscape.Ideas: Test the soilPlant sunflowers, bonset, goldenrod, yarrow… Continue Reading

  • Snug as a bug and working away

    I’m in the new house and loving it. Still more to put away, but it’s a terrific space for me and I am thrilled to be here–especially since I have a whole series of writing projects this summer. Among the things I will be working on: Some news ebooks funded by The Fund for Investigative… Continue Reading

  • 6 days to moving

    I’m moving six blocks from my current spot, to a house I bought in Oakland, and I am super excited. It’s been a long time since I owned a house, and renting felt right for so long for reasons like wanting flexibility, doing start-ups, etc.  But this house..in a part of North Oakland I love,… Continue Reading

  • Hanging at The Ramp SF

    Part of my world view right now is to seize the special moments. So when I finished a meeting in Dogpatch with a terrific Oakland Local client and realized I was hungry, I decided to find someplace to stop for a bite before I crossed the bridge and went to another meeting.  Back in the… Continue Reading

  • Pinterest vs Tumblr

    I wasn’t so hot on Pinterest when it first launched and, in fact, I made fun of it a bit.  Tumblr, on the other hand, I just loved–who wouldn’t love a micro-blogging service that both clipped and quoted and allowed original content? Over the course of the past 18 months, I’ve made and launched multiple… Continue Reading