Managing anxiety by doing what I avoid

One of the habits I have I dislike the most is that I will fixate on something I don’t want to do and just don’t do it.  It could be something I should do, and would benefit by doing, but it becomes the little hard nut of neurotic worry that I don’t do. And it festers.

But one of the habits I have that I like about myself is when this little hard festering nut of worry gets acute enough, I have a change of heart. I decide the only way to make myself feel better is to attack and finish and resolve this issue that I have been avoiding and make it go away through working on it.

I’ve just spent 2.5 hours on one of those little hard nuts, one that has been driving me crazy for the past 4 months, much to my shame.  Only–in just 2.5 hours–I fixed it.

I timed it so I could show myself that this chore I’ve avoided for weeks didn’t take any time at all once I decided to do just it.

And that is the lesson I want to remember–not only to jump on things I need to do, but to realize that worry can take much more time than  taking action.