Taking a deep breath..and starting to write

This is my writing weekend. I have an exciting project to work on that also scares me–I want to do a good job. And I am at the moment when I have created the outlines, gathered up the materials, organized some of the information–and now I have to get to work.  And I’m feeling scared.

Can I really dive into this pool once more? How do I get myself to the place where I am inside the work and feeling one with it so that there’s a strong, compelling flow? That’s my goal for today. 

Like the canoeist pushing off into the river, the diver on the board, this is the moment to engage–with both my intent and my material.

By this time tomorrow, I would like to be a third of the way down the river–but I will only get there by writing, not by talking about my need to write. And so this is the moment I take a deep breath, strive for calm, and turn to the piece I need to write.