That place of my own: approaching a month and some insights

It’s been almost a month since I moved, and I am still loving it. Some changes I am noticing

  • Sleeping better–those blackout blinds really help
  • Eating less–fewer big meals
  • Healthier eating–I only buy what I am going to eat and I follow my friend Michele’s advice to Buy treats for the week—and go without when they’re done.
  • More exercise: My resolve is an hour a day or more, which I did not do today, but which I have Done for the last 6 days and hope to continue the rest of the week.
  • Feeling better: More aware of muscles in my body and feeling pretty energetic.
  • Not lonely., My life and work are so full of people, the silence of living alone is a HUGE pleasure right now.
  • Writing more and responding to work more efficiently.  This was a huge driver in wanting to make a change, and I am seeing the results already–I wrote 2,000 works of the social media and news project, as well as chunks of an e-learning module for another project and lots of planning for a Oakland Local project we’re about to kick off.

I’m also moving into a mode, which I love, of going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, a good fit with my personal natural rhythm.  Oh yes, and it’s so uncluttered. Love that.