The Top Ten List: Tips and tools for managing a civic engagement project

I just got back from the Knight Foundation Media
Learning Seminar 2012
and wanted to share some of the materials I provided for
the attendees.Here’s a very useful list of cloud-based tools:

The Top Ten List: Tips and tools for managing a civic
engagement project

There are so many different
tools and resources available to help plan projects, manage virtual teams, and
tap into open source civic engagement projects that figuring out what’s useful
for you and your projects can be an overwhelming job.

To streamline the process,
the Knight Community Information Challenge Circuit Rider team spoke with a
number of grantees about online and virtual tools and resources that were
useful to them as they thought about projects, planned projects and got started
actually building projects that focused on civic engagement as a key component.

What follows is a list of
some of the most useful tools out there–a Top Ten Tools list to check out and
share. Each of these tools is easy to use, free or low-cost, and considered
best in class by Knight KCIC grantees, Circuit Riders and staff.

Basecamp, Easy
to use project management software, http://

Doodle, Help
your group find a meeting time online,

Dropbox, Send
big files easily,

·, Phone conferencing tools, http://

Github, Software
code sharing repository,

Google Apps for nonprofits, free tools for site operators and project teams,

o   Google Apps
, Set up mail for your domain,

o   Google docs, Share documents and collaborate online,

o   Google
, Create team and project

o   Google
, Create a group for shared

Google Analytics, The go-to resource for measuring traffic and engagement on your web site,

Google alerts: Monitor your reputation and what’s being posted,

Toggl, Time tracking for projects,

Toodledo, time and task management tool,