A place of my own 2012

I’ve just set up a workspace and table in our living room for myself, facing the front window. Through the thin blinds, I can see people walking up and down my street.

When we moved in here, I set up the back office as my work space, with the idea A had an office and a job to go to.  Later, after he started working from home, he asked if I would agree to reconfigure my space to allow him to share it and I reluctantly agreed. 

We changed to larger desk, added more bookshelves and moved cabinets around; after we’d finished, we had a space that fit us both but felt too small for us to use at the same time. (A’s a big guy, 6″4, 230 lbs, who likes to spread out).

Fast forward 18 months and A’s computer and stuff is spread over the dining room table, taking over a shared space, and I’m in the back. office. Dining room table is always messy, making it seem not public, not shared. 

Then, when the idea of the biofeedback machine as an life management tool for A came back to life–along with the purchase of a series of programs and some training sessions to use it-he needed space to spread out the monitors, computers and music speakers he wanted for his biofeedback program.

Ergo, time for a new workspace. For me.

My new spot is my old white wooden gate-leg table from Ohio, which I have worked on for more than 25 years, with the same white painted wooden chair I bought off a farmer moving to the city.

I’ve written poems on this desk, consulting documents, site plans, pitches, essays…pretty much everything.  And now it’s nose up in a corner of our living room, facing the front windows, wireless humming just as nicely as can be.

Right now my new desk has a funky old linen tablecloth cover, tea cloth sized, and soon it will have a functioning desk light and a desk cover. I’ve been working here for an hour or two and in feels, in a way, like a coming home. A place of my own.