Tasting happiness

This has been a month of transitions.  I’m moving, for the first time since 2008, and excited about it (still staying in Oakland). Working like a maniac–still–but also making more consistent time for both friends and exercise. And the best news, of all, is that I seem to have become really good friends with my son (and love his friends!)

What’s cool here is that we’re not only family, we’ve evolving into preferred people–Z and his lovely GF were the people I drank that amazing bottle of Opus 1 I scored ten years ago with and savored every drop (along with the super meal son the chef made). We share books, music, movie recommendations, ideas, tips, advice–he’s become a great friend and someone I love to see and talk with.

It’s true that my son’s generation, probably impacted by the economy, is the one that says their parents are their best friends, but as someone who came of age at a moment when  wanted to get as far away from my parents as possible, our friendship is both sweet and unexpected. The fact we can spend a day together with no tension whatsoever is something I never had with parents, and something I don’t even have with some close friends.

The happiness of seeing Z over the past few days has been keeping me smiling all week, and probably will last into the weekend and way beyond that.