Hanging at The Ramp SF

the ramp sf.jpg
Part of my world view right now is to seize the special moments. So when I finished a meeting in Dogpatch with a terrific Oakland Local client and realized I was hungry, I decided to find someplace to stop for a bite before I crossed the bridge and went to another meeting.  Back in the day, I’d spent a good amount of time at Technorati at 3rd and 22nd St so I thought there might be some good options, but I didn’t see anything until I swung past The Ramp, a place I hadn’t been since Steve Freund had a big event there many years ago.

Wow, was that fun! There’s nothing as nice as taking an hour to relax in a spot you’d usually visit only on a weekend, or after work.  The Ramp’s view of the Bay was great, the sky was clear and blue, and the buzz was happy. And I was happy. A hour of The Ramp and 6 more hours of work seemed not so bad.