Exercise! Discovering what I like…and doing it.

I started working out regularly back in February 2014. It’s been exactly 6 months since I started and I want to update on where I am with it right now.  When I started I was 35-50 lbs overweight, and hadn’t been exercising regularly for about 18 months, though before that–until I sprained my ankle–I had been exercising regularly. I hired a trainer and started going to to Y 3-6 times a week, doing a weight circuit and the treadmill, mostly.

My trainer, Zach W, got me into all sorts of other exercises–pylometrics and free weights, especially.  I stepped up practicing the exercises he showed me, and kept up the weight circuit.  Also tried to do some cardio and yoga classes.  As we worked together, my core strength, lung capacity, endurance and strength increased. I went from hanging off the Roman Chair like a drowning fish to having control of my movements and being able to do sets of repetitions and lifts, for example.

In June, I went to exactly 1 6 am class of Tabata.  I couldn’t get up at that early hour, but I loved the intensity of the movements.

When I shared that with Zach, my trainer, we started doing more interval training and tabata work.  I’m a month in, and I love it!  I’m working on whole body movements, with strenuous interval training, at a level my fitness can handle (still not that fit, but much fitter than before). Exercises I might be doing regularly in a session would include some of the following:

3 sets of 2o seconds of knees up jogging, jumping jacks, mountain climbers or moving planks, with 10 minute rest intervals.

3 sets of 2o seconds of squats with a 15 lb kettlebell, arm lifts with a 15 lb weight, Roman Chair repetitions.

If I am not seeing the trainer, I might start off with 15-25 minutes of running/jogging on the treadmill, doing intervals of 1-2 minutes running and a minute jogging/fast walk (my goal is to be able to first run fast for 2 + minutes, and then build to running 2 miles at a 13 minute mile or faster).

I do planks, do crunches on the ball, do squats and leg presses, do stretches.

If you knew how much I hated to exercise, you’d understand why I am marvelling at this new me. At about 30-35 minutes of this kind of effort, the endorphins kick in and I start to feel GREAT. And then I want to keep doing it because I feel so energized.

6 months in, I’ve reduced my body size by several inches in the ribcage, stomach, waist, hips and chest. I weigh 6 lbs less, but haven’t lost more than than (sigh). I can do planks without falling over, and I have real stomach muscles emerging.


Run those 2 miles. Keep adding intensity to my routine as I get more fit. Try rowing intervals. Set up my home gym and do exercise there as well.

Get a bike that fits and ride it to work. Try to get into swimming and spinning. Take yoga and dance class more often.

Figure out how to lose weight but focus the most on becoming really fit. Not just fit for an older person (over 50), or an overweight person, but really fit for anyone.  Make that happen and enjoy it.

Keep moving.


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