I think that I need a fitness community–goals for the next 6 months

I’ve been working out for over a year, and the results have been great– I’ve lost 8 inches off my hips, 7 inches off my waist, added muscle, toning, endurance.  I sleep better, have fewer health problems and walk around in a great mood. But… I am still 30-50 lbs overweight, depending on how you want to measure.

I work out at the Y, have a great trainer, and supportive friends, but I am starting to think I need more of a social community around diet and exercise and am not sure how to get one.  I do some Y classes, work out i the free weight room, but there’s no strong connections with other Y members.

I’m interested in cross-fit, but I’m kind of old for it, and don’t want to end up injured.  I could do weight watchers–and might try it–but would like something more integrated.


My goals for the next 6 months are as follows:

  • Improve my eating through a more Paleo-like diet–thinking about trying Whole 30 for a month and seeing what that does for me.
  • Reduce my waist size by 6 inches–from 36 to 30.
  • Reduce body fat from 35% to 24%–this is going to require 20-4o lbs of weight loss, I think.
  • Significant increase cardio endurance-this is where I really need to improve to have far more capacity–I want to be able to do lot more exercise without getting winded, and this is key.

My assumptions are that these goals will translate into a trimmer, fitter Susan–I’d like to become really fit, not just kinda fit, and that’s a big goal for someone who’s gotten as out of shape as I was.

Some tactics:

  • Figure out where to find more fitness community–ideas and suggestions welcomed
  • Regularly use My Fitness Pal: it’s a virtual community, and that’s something–and my friends on a similar journey are on there.
  • Start some kind of eating program ASAP: Weight Watchers, Whole 30, whatever.
  • Fix my computer so I can play videos on my screen in my spare room and do more home workouts at night.
  • Eat more vegetables as the core foods, prepare more lunches and snacks and bring them to work, drink ALOT less most weeks (I have already done this, sigh), get a water bottle for the office and drink from it frequently.
  • Keep exercising at the Y 4-6 times a week in the morning
  • Add cardio and movement to the mix: hiking, biking, dance.
  • Get a bike and take some workshops on street riding and bike repair.
  • Bike to work. Frequently.