Back at it: Health/wellness update for Susan, April 2, 2016

After 3 months of taking it easier, heading back into full on #workout mode and sharing here for accountability.

Starting my 4th Whole30 today and committing to moving and working out 4-6 times a week.


  • Drop 20 lbs by September 1.
  • Get the heart rate up significantly every day for at least 5 minutes (we’re talking 85% capacity or better, as in cardio, cardio, cardio).
  • Lose 3 inches off my waist
  • Lose 3 inches off my hips
  • Go down a pants size from 12 to 10 (I am down from size 18, highest)

Tactics for April 2016 kick off

  • Recommit to regular training with my trainer at the YMCA
  • Join the new YMCA support group for food/diet management
  • Start Pilates reformer class 1X a week
  • Work out at YMCA 3-4 times a week doing cardio, lifting weights, core bodyweight exercises, etc.
  • Bike, hike, walk, play, swim
  • Walking meetings: Walk the Lake in Oakland!


  • Start a new Whole30 April 2 and stick with it till Passover
  • Bring lunch to work; less tempting that way


  • Try to sleep 7 hours a night
  • Nap
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Practice compassion