Quote of the Day (and yes, my body clock is totally screwed up now)

“I’ve noticed the biggest bottleneck stopping me from efficiently
accomplishing the tasks I’ve set up for myself is just my mood. I’ll
have a clear definition of what needs to be done, full confidence in
where I’m going with things, and I’ll sit down and just think “aw,
damn, I feel like shit.” Then I’ll generally waste time until it’s 1am
and I need to sleep. This happens 1-2 nights a week.

I’m looking
for news.yc folks to try to get some rational insights on on the
irrational problem of keeping your mood in check and focusing on what
matters, when you’re just one guy.

How do you guys deal with emotional problems?

How do you avoid ruminating on things in your day that have pissed you off? This is my biggest issue.”

–Hacker News community member and start-up entrepreneur Dan Grover. writing about issues solo founders of companies need to manage in a post called “How do solo founders stay emotionally efficient?”

Susan sez: Seems to me this is a great question for everyone-how do you keep your brain and feelings in check long so you can get things done when you need to, and with optimal output and performance?