This is my brain on start-ups

In two weeks, I move out of the Silicon Valley area for a brief stint
and head for the next great adventure. The work it’s taken to get to
this moment and the degree of focus getting a start-up into even a
semblance of operating mode is considerable, and I feel like the
longer, more reflected and crafted pieces I wanted to–and occasionally
wrote and published–on this blog, have suffered.

Instead of
commentary on social media, it’s been tasks, chores, logistics,
errands, recruitment, funding, operations, moving–all the time, pretty
much (with some writing specs and planning).

Even my reading has narrowed down alot more into the startup stories–Hacker News is my new best friend.

So starting this week, I’ll be doing more blogging about where leaving Yahoo has led me–to starting a new company–and about the start up experience in general.  My intent is to chronicle what happens to us over the next four-six months. I want to capture the experience of pulling a team together, creating a plan and a product, and share some of the stories of winding our way through the funding and focusing process, getting to alpha, and making real quality execution and value happen.  I’ve started alot of businesses, run my own consulting company, and been an exec building value at a number of big companies–but this is my first run at a true start-up–and the engines are reving now.

Meanwhile, I know many other people have knowledge and experience to share. So, iff you have great reading, great resources, or stories to share, please post in  the comments, or ping me directly…thoughts, comments, etc. welcomed.