Quote of the Day, 3

“If I’ve learned anything from Spread Firefox, BarCamp, coworking
and the like, it’s that propaganda needs to be free to be effective. In
other words, you’re not going to convince people of your way of
thinking if you lock down what you have, especially if what you have is
culture, a mindset or some other philosophical approach that helps
people narrow down what constitutes right and wrong.”
“On the one hand, there’s uncertainty about how to build a “national identity”-slash-business on top of lots of user data
(that, oh yeah, I thought was supposed to be “owned” by the creators),
and on the other, a model of the web, that embraces all its failings,
nuances and spaghetti code, but that, more than likely, will stand the
test of time as a durable provider of the kind of liberty and agency
and free choice that wins out time and again throughout history.”

-Chris Messina, writing at factory city about open standardsm data portability, and market competition, in this case for data, protocols and so called “open” code.