Back from the road and feeling like Marvin Gaye

Wednesday night, almost Halloween and my 19 days of being on the road in October are OVER! I am feeling as mellow as this classic Marvin Gaye tune (which we’ll still be listening to when Robin Thicke is using a walker)

What did I do and what did I learn?

I took 4 trips: ONA 2013 (Atlanta), Knight/Pew future of news/sustainability roundtable (DC), meeting with a funder (East Coast), and the Knight Community Information Challenge Bootcamp (Chicago)

I talked with many smart people and I read many books on planes. And kept working, somehow!

And now I am back home, where I can go back to working on launching Live Work Oakland, work on Oakland Local, plan holiday fundraising, marketing and parties, work with interns, and keep teaching my class in social media strategy for Poynter.

Tomorrow morning I get my dog, and this week I head back to the gym, make soup, buy greens for salad: wow, a real life in one place after 19 days on the road.

And halloween! totally up for that as well.






photo by Michael Holden,