• At JAWS, Asheville, NC

    Having an interesting time in Asheville, NC with 120+ other female media-identified people talking media and the future of. I know it’s a beautiful area, but I haven’t made it out of the hotel yet (maybe this afternoon).  So far, I’ve been a very disparate variety of people, have some interesting chats, and presented a… Continue Reading

  • Arse panel: Avoiding the Emily Gould Effect

    Arse Elektronika 2008 — “Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?” — will take place at CELLspace (San Francisco). September 25 thru 28, 2008. My friend Viviane and I will be presenting a talk at Arse Elektronika 2008 — Sept 27th at  CELLspace (San Francisco). Here’s what we’re going to discuss–Avoiding the Emily Gould Effect“Oversharing”, sex… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “So now we have a company with a woman CEO and a woman CTO and a woman COO. And the work we do? The work we do together? It’s only incidental that it’s software. Because what it is — what it really is — is applause. It is praise, for all these glorious women. Because… Continue Reading

  • Melissa gets Quote of the Day–and then some

    “When I enter a room of suits (like the conference last week, which was called Supernova and was concerned with the business of the internet and which I was covering for Valleywag), it’s never the women who put me at instant ease. It’s the the other freaks: the femmey guys, the queers, the girl with… Continue Reading

  • Moderating panel at BlogHer: Come join us

    I’m moderating a panel at BlogHer. in July on Who We Are: “Coming Out” via Blog Here’s the descriptor: “No, this doesn’t only apply to the most common meaning of “coming out”, but rather to taking the brave step to reveal and address something highly personal to your blog community. The risks are real, but… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “We have people calling on a weekly if not daily basis. If somebody engages in the use of an application compulsively, we get calls about it. There isn’t one application that’s good or bad, but if people are unable or unwilling to stop using it, that’s what we look at as a red flag for… Continue Reading