What I learned in Spain: One month later

I’ve been back from 3 weeks in Spain for  6 weeks. On the trip, I promised myself I’d take more time for me, more working out and walking, more friend time, and more relaxing.  6 weeks later, how am I doing?

More working out: A+

I came home, got a trainer on February 6th, and have been going to the gym 5+ times a week, doing a treadmill and a weight circuit and other exercises. Also some classes, Zumba, stretching, swimming, etc. I’ve lost inches, am totally into it, and feel great. And plan to keep up with the trainer for another 6 months–and lose 30-50 lbs.  The do it now lessons of Spain totally stuck.

More friend time: B

I’m doing great seeing my girlfriend and my closest friends, but I am definitely cutting back on social time to manage a heavy workload. I don’t know how I can change this one and not break anything,  but I am aware it is an issue and I am trying.

More relaxing: A

I didn’t do any work work this weekend till Sunday night. Doesn’t that speak volumes?

More family time: C+

It was amazing to spend 3 solid weeks with my son and his partner. I LOVE them!  I haven’t seen them since I got back, though we do talk, and that makes me sad. Hopefully, April will be a reunion.

Side benefits: A+

Working out regularly–like just about every day–has done amazing things for my mood (much happier), my snoring (GF says it’s gone down), my powers of concentration (great), my muscle tone(better) etc.

I am also applying the eating lessons I learned: Don’t bolt my food like a starving depression-era child (what my grandparents taught me to do), don’t eat everything on my plate (what my mom taught me to do) and eat less more slowly (what watching my son taught me to do.) Result: eating less, enjoying more.